Rhymes with Pomplamoose

As I eagerly await the delivery of my very own G&B Miracle Travel Mug of Travelling (FYI:  I paid list price just like everyone else), I’m thinking of ways to get the word out on this podcast.  It’s good, if I do say so myself. And we have have some great stuff to give away–like this sweet Sony camcorder.  How do we get more people to listen?  We’re up for suggestions.  Meanwhile, we’re most grateful to Ian Long, who volunteered as this week’s co-producer.

I mean, just look at the quality programming we bring you every week.



Listen/download here–but we’d also really appreciate it if you just went ahead and subscribed from iTunes.  You won’t be sorry.

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  • “How do we get more people to listen?”, you want to know.
    Here’s a few tips:

    – Make sure your podcast is listed in different directories; iTunes, Stitcher, Blackberry, TuneIn, …
    – Engage with listeners on social media: Twitter, but also Facebook. Join relevant Linkedin discussion groups and do some marketing there.
    – Create a 30 second promo clip and share that with other podcasters. This isn’t the radio market where your competitor is trying to bite your head off and wants you dead and buried. There’s actually a community of podcasters out there that would love to share your show.
    – Figure out who your typical listener is and find out where they hang out, what magazines they read, what forums they are on, … Connect with them at the venues they visit.
    – Last but not least: keep making great shows, like you are doing now. Content is King so numbers will steadily grow .. eventually.

    good luck!