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During every Olympiad, there’s always That Guy.

You know the person I’m talking about.  The dude who is suddenly an expert in all sorts of obscure sports.  In the case of the Winter Olympics, he holds forth on the differences between luge and skeleton.  He insists he understands the judging standards used in ice dancing and can point to the exact point where the judges colluded against the Canadians.  And he’s so wrapped up in the Games that he’s completely forgotten that it’s almost Roll Up the Rim to Win time (a sure sign of spring!).

Take a break from the Sochi hype and relax with another half hour or so of stimulating music-and-tech geekery.  You’ll be much better off.

Is Apple in talks to buy Tesla? We both hope so.

The best connected cars of 2014.

Marty McFly’s power-lacing shoes coming in 2015.  Hoverboard still AWOL.

Why you shouldn’t stage dive. Ever.

Renaissance butt music.  Yes, we’ll explain what we mean by this.

The slow death of British music magazines continues.

Digital sales to blow past physical sales this year? Looks like it.

We have co-producers!  Thank you!

The people respond!

We have swag!

Look at this super-sweet Sony CamCorder we’re giving away!  Get in on this!

Michael’s new favourite Twitter account is @WKRPinTO.

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