My Floppy Valentine

Once again Michael scheduled our weekly podcast recording during a major sporting event, which meant that instead of watching the Winter Olympics, I was in the studio.  Then again, by recording in the evening instead of the morning means that both of us can enjoy an adult beverage without guilt.  (FYI: This week’s selection was Tito’s Handmade Vodka, straight from a bottle that had been in the freezer for days.)  Lubrication, you know?

Here’s what went on this week.

Top Ten Anti-Valentine’s Day Song.  (I hate Valentine’s Day; Michael enjoys it.  I much prefer this holiday.)

“Tainted (Disk Drive) Love.”  How’s that for a segue?

A new radio format:  24 songs an hour plus 3 mins of commercials.  Wait–what?

Bob Marley’s son and his coffee company (and line of headphones).

Marvin Gaye’s passport was found where?

Beep streaming music device.  Gadgety gadgety.

Why reason music purchases are taking a hit.

Flea fakes the Super Bowl.

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