Happy Get Lucky Mashup Nerdgasm courtesy Pomplamoose

The soundtrack to Despicable Me 2 makes watching the Steve Carrell animated triumph tolerable on Netflix for the 12th time (parents, do you hear me?) Pharrell Williams’ work on the film is energetic and guaranteed to get your kid off the couch to dance along — something that never gets boring, even the 12th time around the coffee table. Then comes Pomplamoose.  Viewed a half million times in less than a week, the duo took “Happy” and intertwined it with Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

You can reward them for tapping your toes by buying their music on iTunes. They don’t release material through traditional record labels according to their iTunes biography:

Formed in 2008 by multi-instrumentalists/Stanford students Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, California’s Pomplamoose (an English-spelling approximation of the French word for grapefruit) blend the quirky, jazz-tinged, anything-goes songcraft of Regina Spektor and Frida Hyvönen with the open-road, indie pop anthems of fellow male/female duos Mates of State, the Bird and the Bee, and Matt & Kim. The pair garnered an impressive following through their self-described “Videosongs” on Myspace and YouTube, which featured pure, unadorned (no lip synching) performances of both original songs and choice covers. The duo has also supplied music for television commercials for Toyota and Hyundai, appearing in the latter of the two. Pomplamoose prefer to release their music digitally. Albums and EPs include Pomplamoose, Tribute to Famous People, The Album You Bought at Our Show (Thanks for That), 3 New Songs Woot!, and Christmas in Space.

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