L.A. County Courtney

The little man Steve Jobs wanted to hide in every Macintosh. We’ll look back at the iconic computer and look ahead to a world where Apple rivals American Express. The world’s first twitter libel lawsuit. We’ll tell you how Alan got Courtney Love Off. How big is too big for the palm of your hand? We’ll look at the latest rumoured iPhone. In this week’s Ask Alan Anything: the Sonos sound system – reviewed. Plus: 22 minutes for goat joke, G&B listeners chime in on the “best driving song ever” and we’ll introduce you to a bra that doesn’t unclasp unless she loves you.

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  • Regarding a bigger iPhone, I have a Samsung Note 2. It wasn’t my first choice, but it was free from work. People always comment on how gigantic it is, but really, it’s so thin, it hardly makes a dent in my pocket.

    I wasn’t super-keen on it at first, but it’s grown on me. It’s so much nicer to read on. Also the bigger phone means bigger battery (the larger display doesn’t draw significantly more power).

    At first it was kind of crappy for one-handed use, but the operating system has some optional tweaks that let you move some commonly accessed items, like the pattern unlock, further to the left or right side (with an arrow button that lets you easily switch it if necessary). Also my favourite keyboard app, Swype, updated to move and shrink the keyboard so I can easily use it with just my one thumb.

    I’m sure whatever Apple does will be more elegant, but my giant Android phone is already perfectly functional and I can’t see myself going back to a smaller phone given a choice. The only thing I don’t really care about on my Note is the pen accessory. It’s more suitable for artists, or people that need to write in say Chinese or Japanese.