The Return of Javier Sparxx

Michael was most ill this week, thanks to (a) a visit to CES in Las Vegas (where everyone gets sick); and (b) a flight back to Toronto on WestJet with Patient Zero of an imminent H1N1 outbreak (paramedics and hazmat people boarded the plane when it landed to deal with this collapsed woman.  Seriously.)

But sick as he was, Michael doggedly participated in the podcast and did his usual editing magic.  Then he Purelled the MP3 before uploading it to the G&B Server Farm.  There should be no danger to you.  Should be.

Anyway, here’s what we discussed this week:

Post-CES wrap: The self-driving car and C2C.  (What?)  Michael also talks about his encounter with 50 Cent.

More streaming music services coming and I care even more because I now have a dog in this fight.

Microsoft signs Weezer to help with Square One store opening. (Why?)

Our BIG FAIL Facebook ad campaign. Repeat:  BIG fail.

Update on the National Music Centre in Calgary.  They got TONTO.

Fun timesuck:  Blues, Wu-Tang and Porn Name Generators.  (Hint:  this explains the title of the episode.)

I don’t think we touched this, my I want to mention the CRaTER thing because it’s so freakin’ cool!

And I’m not sure if we discussed this, either, but I want to help Michael keep his daughter dementia-free in later life.

Ask Alan Anything:

Darren Scott from Calgary: Do you know who is the most successful rock vocalist that has the least amount of musical talent? Can’t read music, probably didn’t write the songs? Classic rock?

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