NYE 2013: How About No?

Did Michael and I go out last night to ring in the new year?  Absolutely not.  Why?  This poster pretty much sums up our attitude to the fake enforced (and ultimately disappointing) thing that is New Year’s Eve.


I’m not sure what Michael did last night, but I sat at home with a bottle or Armagnac and a James Bond marathon on TV.  I think I was asleep by 10:15.  This also explains why I’ve forgotten what episode number we’re at.

Anyway, here are your show notes.

Selfie, FOMO, Twerking:  words that we’ll have to deal with from now on.

Two cool Kickstarter Projects to watch for in 2014.

The dog- English translator.   It apparently works–within reason.

So what’s going on with iTunes Radio Canada?

Vdio closes down.

What music startups hope to offer us in 2014.

Promo: Live from the CES next week!

10 jobs Bieber could do if he quits music.

 Top karaoke songs of 2013.

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