How America’s Funniest Home Videos Survives

When there’s nothing on the tube, I switch to YouTube and surf the “channels.” My favourite lately is Buzzfeed’s Video page. The videos are generally no longer than 2 minutes, and often quite witty. Then I stumbled upon this one, sponsored by America’s Funniest Home Videos. All the content for the segment came from them, Buzzfeed is basically hosting it. In other words: AVF realises to survive it must hook its cart to this Internet horse.

What’s fascinating to me, aside from the turtle’s ability to make quite a racket during lovemaking, is that this is the future. My Windows 8 powered home media centre already offers an on-television interface for Youtube via a third party app. It makes browsing Youtube easier than browsing your PVR’s show guide. Mainstream televisual entertainment execs: watch out.

And isn’t the doggy saying “I love you” adorable?

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