2014: Two Kickstarter Projects to Watch

I’m not a fan of bicycling, and not just because mayor Rob Ford believes if I’m struck and killed by a motorist I’ve got nobody to blame but myself.

My heart bleeds for someone who gets killed, but it’s their own fault at the end of the day.
— Rob Ford

I’m less concerned for my safety and more worried about my odour. Give me a bike that I don’t have to pedal, and I’m in. That’s why the FlyKly Smart Wheel is the Kickstarter project I’m watching for in 2014. It’s pedal-assist built into the rear wheel. No more chunky electric motors hanging off the chassis.

Alan’s more of a car buff, so that’s why Fuse is our other big Kickstarter Project for 2014. It makes your car smarter. For $139 it not only keeps you on top of your vehicle’s performance and diagnostics, but can be used to automagically inform your car pool mates that you’re just around the corner or alert you when your lead-footed teenager is exceeding the speed limit you set.

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