Merry Ducking Christmas

What a difference 18 hours makes.  When I woke up, it was a gloriously sunny 30 degrees at the Northern Caribbean Command Post.  I had a nice quiche-and-croissant breakfast, went for a run and enjoyed a few final minutes by the pool.  Later that night, I was out in -15 weather shoveling two feet of snow out of the driveway while realizing that I was coming down with the flu. It was a harsh return to reality.  But the show must go on.  Here’s what Michael and I discussed this week on a Very Special Xmas Episode.

The Christmas edition of Geeks&Beats went something like this:

A new Christmas classic:  “Rob Ford Got Run Over By a Reindeer.”

Can you make Christmas music from a Christmas tree? Yes, you can!

How stores are manipulating you with music.

The new Duck Dynasty Christmas album outselling the new Britney Spears record. What does that say about America?

We speak with Teddy Wilson of InnerSpace on why you need to watch Doctor Who.

An update on the race for Christmas Number One in the UK.

Studio 16 East gets a tune-up.

And finally, here’s how you can choose from 1,000 singing Christmas telegrams.

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