XBox One: X-Rated

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The new eyes that power the Kinect motion control system are substantially better on the new XBox One coming out at the end of the week. According to, the 3D mapping and the infra-red camera that backs up the daylight cameras can tell if you’re wearing boxers or briefs:

The Kinect hardware/software is now so effective at deciphering the bumps and folds of clothing that it can pinpoint a man’s package down to its pant leg, carving out the distinctive folds in our trousers that society, backed by a bit of shadowy denim, has become remarkable at ignoring.

Definite link-bait. Here’s the thing: while, yes, your thing will be more visible if you’re a boxers kind of guy, but the chances of anyone knowing which way you dress is almost null, and most certainly moot. This screen is visible only if you’re in debug mode:

So future XBox One owners beware: before you geek out and show your friends the debug mode, go briefs. For everyone’s sake.


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