Why You Want to be on iTunes Front Page

When Michael Hainsworth and I launched our Geeks & Beats podcast, we ended up on the front page of iTunes Canada’s podcast section.  Traffic spiked way up.  WAY up.

That’s why this article in Billboard doesn’t surprise me at all.

Apple’s place atop the music retail food chain gives it an incredible amount of influence. So it’s no surprise that iTunes has 13 entries in this year’s Maximum Exposure survey. The store had a 41% share of the U.S. record business in 2012, according to Billboard’s calculations, and it has a 63% share of digital sales, according to NPD Group. The relatively limited number of ways to reach fans through iTunes makes them highly coveted in the industry.

The most valued position at iTunes is home-page placement. And why wouldn’t it be? iTunes’ home page is the digital equivalent of a CD display near the entrance of a Tower Records. Prime placement all but guarantees people will see your product. But the impact will vary for a number of reasons.

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