Why Is Facebook’s European HQ in Dublin? Bono, Of Course

Bono is quite the businessman.  As a principle in Elevation Partners, a private equity firm based in California, he’s made a lot of money — a LOT — through the investments they’ve placed.

One investment was in Facebook, something that paid off to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. And as one of the primary shareholders in the company, Elevation–and Bono–has some serious clout with with Facebook leaders.

At first, COO Sheryl Sandberg wanted to put Facebook’s European headquarters in Switzerland. Zurich, maybe.  Or Lucerne. Or Geneva.

But then Bono got hold of her and made the case for Dublin.  Interesting, considering that U2 has moved all its business dealings to The Netherlands, where they find the tax regime much more to their liking.  Just sayin’.

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