Campaign to Make AC/DC #1 at Christmas Has Begun

For reasons that are beyond most people, the British have a thing about betting on which single will finish at #1 on the last chart to be published before Christmas.  This has led to some pretty goof shenanigans over the decades, including the time when Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name” was pushed into the top spot in 2009, thanks to a crazy grassroots campaign.

Why Rage? Because people were sick of Simon Cowell Idol/X-Factor clones always making it to the top. There was a sense that the madness has to stop, hence the Rage campaign.

This year, everyone is being asked to get behind AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.”

Details on the plan can be found here.  If you’re reading this in Britain, you need to buy a copy of the single.  If you’re visiting the UK, do the same thing.

And so far, the bookies are paying attention.  They’re giving the song 3-1 odds of finishing in top spot.

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