Blade Runner Tribute on Indiegogo “More Than Replicant”

One of the things that makes the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis so unique is his command of a very specific piece of kit: the Yamaha CS-80. It was the best analogue synthesizer of its day. And it was massive, about 200lbs according to Alan.


And these Swedish guys are using that very same Yamaha CS-80 to build a tribute album. Gizmodo:

Moments Lost is part fanfic, part musical tribute, and part historical preservation. The goal is to create a full eight-song album, using the same iconic (and very rare) Yamaha CS-80 analog synthesizer that made composer Vangelis’s original soundtrack sound simultaneously futuristic and bleak. Each song will serve as the backdrop to a new short story by Emil Arctaedius, based in the Blade Runner universe but with new characters. Noted sci-fi artists Killian Eng and HR-FM will provide the visuals to complete the package.

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