And the Most-Pirated Band in the World Is…

…The Beatles. Are you surprised?  I’m not, especially since the Beatles were latecomers to the whole digital download game with iTunes.

From MusicWeek:

The Fab Four’s material was found to be uploaded via a whopping 187,687 online files through a mixture of cyberlocker, torrents and illegal streaming websites. Estimating an average of 1000 downloads per file, [online anti-piracy company] MUSO said this equates to nearly 190 million downloads per annum.

Here’s who else has had their stuff stolen:

1.      The Beatles –  187687 uploaded files

2.      Fleetwood Mac – 72984 uploaded files

3.      Bob Marley – 60024 uploaded files

4.      Led Zeppelin – 59011 uploaded files

5.      Cliff Richard – 56576 uploaded files

6.      Stevie Wonder  – 45496 uploaded files

7.      Jimi Hendrix – 44093 uploaded files

8.      Elvis – 40794 uploaded files

9.      ABBA – 35193 uploaded files

10.   The Rolling Stones – 34444 uploaded files

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