Yoga Classes Too Twee for You? What About METAL YOGA?

I’ve tried going to yoga classes a couple of times and along with feeling self-concious about looking ridiculous, I couldn’t get into the new age touchy-feel-y vibe.  I know yoga is supposed to be for the mind as well as the body, but it just didn’t work for me.

Maybe what I need is Black Yoga, the invention of two yogis from Pittsburgh.  Instead of beatless ambient music that would put Brian Eno to sleep, these classes are conducted to a metal soundtrack.

But don’t expection Motorhead and Slayer.  The metal they use is more of the drone, noise, stoner metal and trip-hop vareity.  Metallica is out; Earth, Dark Space and Sunn O))) are in. In fact, the name of the class is sometimes written as “Black Yo)))ga.”

This is way better than the yoga the yummy mommies do in their Lulu Lemon outfits or that hot yoga stuff. Bring this to my neighbourhood and I’m in.

More at The Daily Mail. Meanwhile, get your dog facing downward with this:

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