When I Think “Wearable Tech,” I Didn’t Think of This. But Someone Did.

I have an UP Jawbone wristband that quantifies my existence.  I have an app on my iPhone that tells me home many steps I take.  I’ve tried Google Glass and I think it’s pretty cool.  And I might consider some kind of smart watch if the product is compelling enough.

Most geeks will tell you that wearable technology is the Next Big Thing.  But do we really need a smart vibrator?



This is not a joke. Vibease–controlled through an app, of course–is now being manufactured in China and will be ready for the Christmas shopping season.  The inventor says “If you have a boring office job sitting around doing eight hours of work you hate, you can get a little pleasure.”

If you need to read more about this product, check out Pando Daily.


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