Spotted: AC/DC Beer in Toronto and Michael’s Fridge?!?

Alert Geeks & Beats listener Ron Robichaud of Toronto spotted the AC/DC beer we were discussing last May on Drummer Wanted: No Heartbeat Required. Alan reports Trooper beer from Iron Maiden has now also made it into your LCBO.

Because nothing says “rock-on” like a white label corporate licensed specialty brew purchased from a government-controlled alcohol distribution network.

The day after we recorded The Big Show, I open my own refrigerator to find two of them.

It turns out Ron knows my wife, Canada’s #1 mid-day radio personality, Ann Doose. The irony that the hidden suburban 80s teenaged rock-on that still lives in my wife wife brought home AC/DC beer from some Righteous Dude she met has not been lost on this Alex P. Keaton. I’m a Martini guy.

Once we put the kid to bed, we’ll have one last night on the deck before the changing season drives us back indoors. We’ll report back. I don’t know how much credibility my review will have. I’m of the firm belief nobody really “likes” beer. They just get accustomed to the taste for the “side effects” of basic chemistry.

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