Seen Gravity Yet? Did You Listen to the Movie Carefully?

It takes a lot to get me off my couch and away from my home theatre/on-demand set-up and into a real movie theatre.  The cost, the $10 popcorn, the hassle, the assholes on their cell phones–I just don’t care that much.

But I do make exceptions. As a die-hard space nerd, I will definitely go see Gravity this weekend.  I’ll even spring for the 3D IMAX version.  And not only will I be watching closely, I’ll be listening for something new.

Gravity is one of the first films to use a new surround sound system called Atmos.  Developed by Dolby Labs, Atmos is said to use “sound projectors” that follow the movements on the screen very precisely. This should be great for movies like Gravity–but I can also imagine it being used in future concert films with great effect.

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