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Lou Reed’s last words were posted on Facebook and Twitter. Few 71 year olds would consider doing so, but clearly the Poet of Punk was dialed into the hipster scene to his last breath. It’s probably a good thing he made his money starting in the 70s since Alan offers us statistical proof that it sucks to be a musician in the digital era.

Alan insists he doesn’t Rickroll people. And if I were him, I wouldn’t dare Rickroll a Klingon:

Me? I really got a kick out of The Big Bang Theory song “Bernadette” on the latest episode.

In the G&B Update, Alan and I run down the list of what he learned at the DASH conference in the Motor City. It confirmed everything I already knew about radio executives: they’re blind to the latest technology or willing to drive the industry into the ditch because they’ll have retired by the time it’s too late to do anything about declining listener numbers.

Meet the winner of the Best Concert Story EVER! Contest:


Paul, through his @PEIPaulAlan Twitter account marshaled his followers to vote for his “Joe Perry Crotch” story and he won by a pretty wide margin:

[poll id=”8″]

Congrats to Paul on winning the SuperTooth Disco soundbar courtesy Max Borges Agency and SuperTooth! Pulling up the rear was Stephen Kendall despite his heart strings-tugging story about skipping out on his 7 year old’s choir show to see The Rolling Stones with a promise to take him when he was old enough:

Rolling Stones Dad tickets

 One vote among the tiny handful I have received is from my wife Alison – the very woman who gave me the stern looks and harsh words when I went to that first Stones concert instead of James’. That one singe vote means more to me than the hundreds and possibly thousands of votes for the Joe Perry crotch photo story. It means to me that finally all is forgiven. Plus the whole thing gave my son James a nice surprise when I had him listen to the podcast.
My dad even heard it, and he was the one who went to James’ choir concert instead of me in 1994. So I know you can see that I can take my defeat with head held high and heart at ease.
Great show!
– Rolling Stones Dad

Stephen is such a standup guy, too: he even donated 25 bucks to become the co-producer of this episode!

ALERT! We’re doing next week’s show LIVE TO AIR on Google+ Hangouts. Mark your iCalendars to Sunday November 3rd, 7pm Eastern and bookmark this page!

Thanks to Australian G&B Listener Jason who sent in this sweet photo of his Craptastic Mug from our Swag Store!

Jason Sangwin Craptastic Mug

Alan is trying to convince me that Black Yoga (aka “Metal Yoga”) is a thing. I think it’s ridiculous. I’ve got a weekly date with Wifey at a yoga studio and I have to say, Jerry’s advice for breasts also applies to yoga pant-cladded women:

I’ve never heard of Gwar. It’s apparently a science fiction fueled thrash metal band of alien musicians. It’s lead singer (?) sat down to read the kiddies a bedtime story perfect for Hallowe’en.

Frankly, the censored version is funnier.
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  • That would be very cool if you came to say g’day while in Melbourne Alan, drinks and tech gadgets are on me, as I am a senior tech at an AV and Integration company.

    GWAR bedtime stories .,.. LMAO !