Not the Halloween Show

Someone can’t count.  By my reckoning, this is Episode 28.  Michael insists that it’s 27.  We need some forensic accounting in the office, apparently.

Meanwhile, it appears my house has a Stuxnet infection. First my M-BOX malfunctioned (it developed some kind of ground-loop issue that I’ve been unable to fix), which explains the distant whine you may hear in the podcast, even though we EQed the shit out of that bitch.

Second, my Internet connection went down unexpectedly last night.  After troubleshooting the network, the modem, the routers and the switches, I determined that the problem wasn’t with my gear.  When I called Cogeco, they promised to send someone out to look at the problem.

“Okay, I have your appointment booked.  A technician will be out to see you between 8 and 5 on Friday.”

“Can’t you narrow that down a bit? That means someone has to be at the house for a whole freakin’ working day waiting for a guy that might end up coming at 4:45pm!”

Her response was well-rehearsed.  “Sir, if I could change the system, I would,” she said pleasantly.

“Fine.  Book it.”

It was time for bed, so I used the home automation system to shut off all the lights.  Dead.  Another twenty minutes of network troubleshooter and waiting for controllers to reset.

The only thing that did work last night was tethering my phone to my laptop so I could answer some email and do some file transfers.  I drifted off to sleep feeling that I’d been the target of some North Korean cyber-spy.

Then this morning, everything (except the M-BOX, which is pooched) is working fine.  I think the Internet hates me.

Get the podcast (Episode Whatever) here or subscribe through iTunes.  And please do.  We could use the numbers.  Meanwhile, I’m off to Detroit for the DASH Conference and will report back next week.

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