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Is it just me or is this fall’s crop of new TV shows really weak?  Network TV is certainly a wasteland when it comes to new shows (although I don’t mind The Crazy Ones, the new Robin Williams/Sarah Michelle Gellar comedy).  Premium cable isn’t much better, either.  I’ve even lost interest in Boardwalk Empire. Maybe I’m just in some kind of post-Breaking Bad funk.

Time to get caught up on some Netflix watching and podcasts, I guess.  Which brings me to Episode 27 of Geeks & Beats.  Here are your show notes:

David Byrne might be a great musician, but he’s a terrible futurist.

I went to see “Gravity” this weekend. It made me mad — although the sound was good.

Interview: Dr. Marco Scandurra, the guy behind the cordless digital music player.

We have our contest!

  • Stephen from Toronto makes good on a 10 year long promise to take his son to see The Rolling Stones
  • Craig from Toronto gets to play the bass Paul McCartney used on The Ed Sullivan Show
  • Paul Allen, Winslow PEI @ Q93, takes a photo of Joe Perry
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Root Mean Squared (the RMS number associated with your amplifier)explained.

Update: Our Lotto 649 project using our synesthesia system.

The millions of songs that go unheard.

DeliRadio: a new idea in streaming.

KISS merchandising reaches a new low.

Let me plug this book because it’s very good.

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