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A use for that useless slot in your car’s dashboard. Looking for a new gig? What about running iTunes Radio in Canada? The no-cord earbuds. And – our Greatest Concert Story EVAR contest continues!

Our Google+ Hangouts Live On Air saw a 150% increase in ratings from our Season 2 Premiere! Okay, that’s a peak viewing audience of 20, but it’s more than the number of friends I had in high school, so I’m good with it.

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Smartphone CD Slot Mount

Alan has figured out what to do with the unused CD slot in the dashboard of his car. He’s planning to feed $17 into it in the form of an apparently unpronounceable company’s smartphone mount. According to him, you can’t get busted for using your smartphone in your car if it’s mounted. Sounds legit.

If you’re thinking about applying for that job running iTunes Radio in Canada? Forget about it. Alan has already decided he wants it. His long suffering wife will be relieved. As will the dog, Schmooze (who makes a cameo of sorts in this week’s Hangout).

Oh, and it’s apparently your fault that music today sounds so bad. Technically.

Hey, check this out and tell me if you don’t think this no-cord wireless earbud headphone idea has promise. It’s just not ready for Prime Time:

Britpop was a plot by MI-5 and MI-6. That explains the Spice Girls completely. 

Plus, G&B listeners Alex Lofthouse, Stephen Kendall and Paul Allen all have some fantastic concert stories for our Best Concert Story EVAR contest!

This happened:

And so did this:

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