Watch: Cheap Sunglasses Live to Air!

Thanks to everyone who joined us to watch how we make The World’s Most Popular Podcast™!

Listen to the edited and sanitized version of this Google+ Hangouts Live to Air in Season 2 Episode 26 Cheap Sunglasses.

…clearly there’s a lot of editing involved.

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[tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab99″]The good stuff begins at the 8 minute mark:
[tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab138110761273099″] That useless slot in your dashboard

Want a job running iTunes Radio in Canada?

Why the bad sound of today’s music is YOUR FAULT

No-cord earbuds


Britpop was a plot by MI-5 and MI-6.


G&B Update –

–          Contest

  • Alex Lofthouse, Toronto, Straycats security problems at Danforth Music Hall
  • Stephen Kendall, Toronto,  makes good on Rolling Stones promise to his son
  • Paul Allen, Winslow PEI @ Q93, takes a photo of Joe Perry

–          Update on our lottery strategy — there have been developments

–          Ron Robichaud found AC/DC Beer in Toronto

–          Danielle missed her tube stop this morning because she was listening to Geeks and Beats

–          Nominate us!

Ask Alan Anything –

Listener says Breathe put out one of her favourite CDs but knows it’s mostly studio musicians. Do studio musicians release singles on iTunes?

Most annoying mobile apps ever

Toronto mayor Rob Ford impressed with Austin, vows to bring massive outdoor festival to Toronto.[/tcontent]
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