How Limp Bizkit Could Save The World

There are billions and billions of CDs out there that are slowly becoming obsolete. So what can be done with these billions and billions pieces of plastic?  Let ’em go to shit.  Really.

Taiwanese researchers have figured out to use old optical disks such as CDs to treat sewage. The disks become platforms for growing tiny, tiny nano-rods of zinc oxide, which is a photocatalyst that’s good at breaking down organic matter.  Like shit.

When the disks are spun, the sewage is spread into a thin film.  Ultraviolet light is then passed through that film, which turns the nano-rods into shit-eating machines.

Everything works well in the lab, but tests still need to be done to see if this works on a larger scale. Here’s hoping that they can sort everything out so that Limp Bizkit disks will have a new and useful afterlilfe.  (Then again, given the shitty nature of that music, those disks might end up being consumed themselves.)

(Via Gizmag)

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