Google Glass Starting to Get Interesting

Okay, so it’s already interesting.  During a visit to the offices of VICE in Brooklyn back in the summer, I had a chance to check out Google Glass.  I was prepared to hate the technology, but when I tried it, I loved it. LOVED it.

Still, I believe that this sort of technology has its place. I certainly wouldn’t be one of those Glassholes who wear these high-tech specs everwhere.  But I definitely see possibilities for around the office, when exercising or when it came to conducting interviews.

But we’ve only touched the service of what something like Google Glass can do.  From Mashable:

Google Glass‘s voice commands could extend far beyond “OK Glass,” the device’s firmware suggests.

Android Police reviewed the latest firmware update and found a long list of potential new features…In total, Android Police found 19 new voice commands: add a calendar event, call me a car, capture a panorama, check me in, created a 3D model, find a recipe, learn a song, play a game, play music, record a recipe, remind me to, show a compass, start a bike ride, start a round of golf, start a run, start a stop watch, start a timer, translate this and tune an instrument.

More here.

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