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The finalists in our SuperTooth Disco Soundbar Best Concert Story EVER Contest have been announced!

Polls close Monday October 28th

The winner will be announced Wednesday October 30th!

Voting is limited to once per day.

The winner receives a SuperTooth Disco sound bar courtesy SuperTooth and Max Borges Agency!

Supertooth Disco

Speakers Wattage
Subwoofer 12 Watt RMS (real)
Left/Right 2×8 Watt RMS (real)
Volume Level Battery Life
Cranked 3 to 4 hours
Medium 10 hours
Standby 2 months
Standby 2 months
Charge time 3 hours
Craig from Toronto got a chance to play the bass guitar Paul McCartney used on their famous appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.
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Paul from PEI thought he got the best concert photo EVER but didn’t.
[button size=”normal” type=”danger” value=”Listen to #2 Joe Perry’s Crotch” href=”″]
Stephen from Toronto may be the World’s Greatest Father for keeping his Rolling Stones promise 10 years later:
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