Win a Supertooth Disco Sound Bar!

We were halfway through recording The World’s Most Popular Podcast, talking about our favourite concert experiences, when the contest idea hit me. What’s your best concert story? Everyone who’s ever been to a concert has one. It could be about getting to the show, the band, or a mushy moment with your sweetie. Anything.

Call (323) 319-NERD

and tell us your story.

We’ll put the best entries on the website and let you vote on the winner of this sweet piece of kit:

Supertooth Disco

The Exciting Specs!

Supertooth Disco

Dimensions Specifications
Height 89 mm
Width 315 mm
Depth 70 mm
Weight 1,140 grams

Supertooth Disco

Volume Level Battery Life
Cranked 3 to 4 hours
Medium 10 hours
Standby 2 months
Standby 2 months
Charge time 3 hours

Supertooth Disco

Speakers Wattage
Subwoofer 12 Watt RMS (real)
Left/Right 2×8 Watt RMS (real)

Special thanks to our friends at Supertooth and Max Borges Agency for the sweet gear.

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