So How Do We Feel About the iPhone 5S and 5C?

iPhone 5cMeh.  We knew everything about all today’s reveal in advance:  the two different phones (the 5C and the5S), the palette of case colours (including gold champagne) and iTunes Radio.  About the only thing that was a (semi-) surprise wasthe fingerprint scanner and its functions.

There are no secrets anymore, even with Apple.

And while iOS7 will be available to everyone as of September 18, iTunes Radio will remain a US-only thing for now. Until then, though, people will try to undo this geo-block–at their peril, apparently.

The iPhone 5C will be available pre-order as of Friday. If you want the 5S, you’ll have to wait until the 20th to pre-order.

5C pricing for Canada (unlocked, no contract)

16GB:  $599

32GB:  $719

5S pricing for Canada (unlocked, no contract)

16GB:  $719

32GB:  $819

64GB:  $919

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