So, Apple: No New iPods, Then?

ipod-space-gray-rangeFor years, the iPod was Apple’s gateway drug. Get hooked on using an iPod and there’s a good chance you’ll get sucked into the Apple ecosystem.

I’m a prime example.  I was dead against the Cult of the Mac but decided I should try an iPod Mini. Now my house is awash in iPods, iPads, iPhones, a MacBook, Apple TV and no fewer than three iMacs. Jeezus. And please don’t ask how much I’ve spent on iTunes over the years.

But back to iPods.  September was the month when we’d get a refresh of the line.  But not this year.

Other than a new colour–“space gray,” one of the new tones for the upcoming iPhone 5S–the iPod line will stay pretty much the same.  No new hardware.

Why?  Well, there’s not much left to do with a Touch, a Nano or a Shuffle.  What else could be added or iterated?

Besides, Apple wants everyone to have iPhones and iPads. The whole iPod line is outliving its usefulness.  Sales have been dropping steadily over the last few years and it doesn’t make sense for the company to spend time and energy on a device whose time in the limelight has passed.

Me? I’m looking forward to next month’s rumoured release of an iPad Mini with a retina display. I’ll probably buy one.  Sad, really.


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