Urinal For Sale, Slightly Used

Alan and I debate yet another (disappointing) offering from Cupertino. We also bring you an offering from Manchester: unwashed urinals stained with British rock history.

Ever thought of making a music pilgrimage? Alan and I run down the list of must-see destinations, including one guaranteed to give you the creeps.

@ThatEricAlper joins us to talk about isolated audio tracks on some of the most famous songs of all time, including the old man from Dark Side of the Moon and (for some reason) the Bee Gees. Barry Gibb, sing your heart out. Or was it Andy? Regardless, it’s a tragedy. (Sorry)

If you can’t hire a Director of Photography for your next big independent music video, we’ve got you covered. There’s a new camcorder from Sony with a name you’ll immediately forget. I’ve already forgotten it, but the details are in the show and on our fancy new website here.

If you’re a fan of geocaching (and, frankly, who isn’t), your next music track can be found in only six locations in the world. I managed to dig up the song without traveling through the California desert and honestly it isn’t worth the drive — but the idea is neat.

We don’t have a co-producer for this episode but if you’d like to brag to all your friends that you’re a big shot, go here and open your wallet.

At the last minute, Grant from Brampton called us with a question for Ask Alan Anything. Let’s keep Alan working: call (323) 319-NERD with your question about life, music, or that suspicious rash. It appears to be getting worse.


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