Hungup on Hangouts

After a month-long hiatus, Michael Hainsworth and I are back with season two of Beats & Geeks. It’s available now through iTunes or you can download/stream it here.  Here’s what you can expect this week.

The dumbest town in Alabama and their local radio station.

What the hell is going to happen with the iconic Sam the Record Man sign now that Ryerson University’s obligations have been dropped?

A Google smartwatch?  I say it’s a dumb idea.

Blackberry, the poor nubbins.  Whither BBM?

Kim Jong-un executes a singer–his ex-girlfriend. And here whole band. With machine guns.

This stupid new fee on touring foreign musicians.

Iron Maiden beer! Coming to Canada!

Are you a milk crate criminal?

The Cat Video Festival.

A tour of the new Geeks&Beats website.

And we’re back to having executive producers!  Thank you, Stephen McDermott!

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  • I fully agree with Alan’s suggestion of sending them to the National Music Centre in Calgary, not just as a Calgarian who would get to see them, but as a former Ontarian who spent time in the store a lot in my younger years.