In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Sing (Radiohead)

I’m no fan of Sandra Bullock but I’m looking forward to her latest flick Gravity staring that hunky hunkerton George Clooney. Alan agrees: it’s going to be a great flick in part because it adheres to the basics of science: there’s no sound in space.

But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any sound helping make the flick in the first place. The New York Times quotes Ms. Bullock on the audio she listened to while isolated on a darkened sound stage for hours at a stretch:

“I was literally acting off of nothing for up to 10 hours a day, with headphones my only connection to Alfonso,” she said. “We made a catalog of music clips — whale sounds, Radiohead, weird screeching of metal — and I memorized them. I would say, ‘O.K., give me No. 4. That’s not working. Try No. 2. That’s better, that’s getting me to the emotion I need.’”

Here’s hoping she’s not her usual whiny self over the 90 minutes the film will take from my life.

Full article here.


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