Grab a Shovel. There’s Nazi Gold in Them Thar Musical Scores. You Heard Me.

This is something right out of Indiana Jones.  Here’s the story.

During their plundering of Europe, it is said that the Nazis amassed vast amounts of gold to pay for their war machine and to finance the establishment of the thousand-year reich.  Much of this treasure was subsequently recovered–but not all of it.

Leon Giesen believes that he knows where the Nazis buried some gold.  He think it’s somewhere near Mittenwald, Austria.  But where?

Giesen thinks the answer is in the score of a piece called “March Impromptu” written by composer Gottfried Federlein.  He believes that Hitler made Martin Bormann bury the gold and hide its location in the music.

It’s complicated, but Giesen is hung up on a diagram of “train tracks” within the music that he says depicts a rail system that once ran through Mittenwald.

Read more about it at the Mail Online.

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