Blame Zuckerberg for your iOS 7 battery problems reports there are 9 major apps responsible for the battery drain on your iPhone since upgrading to iOS 7.

The Facebook app was outed earlier this summer for it’s excessive battery usage. The app refreshes even when running in the background. Fifteen minutes of Facebook time, assuming there are no videos, can use 5 MB of data.

Also cited for anti-social behaviour?

Not to be left out of the social media app drain, Twitter also takes a toll on battery by constantly refreshing even when running in the background. While it helps your feed load faster when you do finally open the app, it’ll drain your battery quickly.

There are others, too, thanks to the GPS chip’s geolocation services turned on including Google Maps and the Camera app. The built-in Weather app also polls for new data in the background when you’re not looking.

Even Angry Birds gets blamed — but not for the slick graphics chewing up battery life, but for the in-game advertising. This last one seems a little suspect, but after 4 million versions of Angry Birds (did we need the Star Wars edition? Really?) perhaps Mashable is just looking for someone to blame.

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