REM Just Might Release All Their Fanclub Singles

REM was the first rock band I can think of since the Beatles who offered regular annual Christmas singles to members of their official fanclub.  In the days before the Internet, these 7-inch singles were highly sought-after, extremely rare and very bootlegged.  (I may have one or two…)

But now that the band is done, why not re-released these tracks to anyone who wants them? The BBC reports:

REM’s rare fan club singles could be released as a charity box set, guitarist Peter Buck has told the BBC.

The band gave away a two-track, fan-only release every year from 1988 until their split in 2011. Copies can change hands for hundreds of pounds.

They included original songs, as well as duets with Neil Young and Radiohead.

“There were like 24 of them, which makes about 50 songs,” said Buck. “We’ll put them in a big box set for charity one day.”

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