Hyphen for Hire

I’m at my parents’ place in rural Manitoba this week where nothing much happens. It’s driving me crazy. All we’ve done over the last couple of days is watch Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy (even though it’s the excreable “kids week”) and Family Feud. Last night we went over to my aunt and uncle’s place where we all watched a TLC reality show about a midget couple struggling to raise kids in a full-sized world. Then we discussed it.


This is the last G&B show for our inaugural season. We’ll be back in September with more shows and a brand new website (or so Michael says) as the result of a major FUBAR database corruption incident this past weekend. Until we sort things out, best get the podcast through iTunes.

Totally unnecessary music gadget inventions

I might want to buy this old John Lennon microphone.

Ask Alan Anything deals with a question from Ed from Vancouver regarding the “Loudness Wars.”

Best music video of the week! Let’s play it!

We really don’t like unfamiliar music as much as we say.

Winner of the Wicked Audio Solus headphones contest.

Sarah points out Alanis has been bitchslapped already about her “Ironic” song.

Alan reads the best-ever music-related letter written to an advice column.

Pearl Jam latest band to launch an app

Be careful what you name your band

Wanna buy the MP3.com domain?

Jay Z’s fired hyphen needs a new gig

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