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A first in music history – Google Glass on stage gives the fan a rock-star view. It only took 18 years, but Alanis Morissette has a new jagged little pill to swallow in the form of a viral video correction. How to derail a radio station contest. We’ll tell you about the Internet force behind a scrapped Taylor Swift contest and the 39 year old sad sack who will never get to smell her hair. The collapse of file sharing. We’ll graph the decline of the stolen song and the rise of streaming music apps. Plus – our youngest ever co-producer, an update on our Crappiest Cans contest, and how you can watch us do the show live.

Cool use for Google Glass

Alanis’ Ironic finally ironic

Fun with a Radio Station contest

Is file-sharing still a thing?

The whole Rolling Stone cover thing (related to the above story)

Ask Alan Anything – Scott from Kuala Lumpor: What’s the deal with the Traveling Wilburys?

G&B Update –

Co-Producer credit for William Philip Loftus

Hi Michael and Alan, I’d like to nominate my 2 week old son William Philip Loftus born July 6, for a coproducer credit. I believe it’s never too early in life to have dubious credits on your résumé

Co-Producer credit for Jason Sangwin

Last week for Wicked Audio contest

US listener gives us our first American iTunes review

Promo website upgrade

Google Hangout Sunday September 1st, 7pm

Bulletproof iPad case

Calvin & Hobbes documentary

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