Resistance is Futile.

I learned a valuable lesson this past week: don’t pre-judge when it comes to the whole Google Glass thing.  I was prepared to hate the things and whinged endlessly about the end of personal privacy and the inevitable transformation of humanity into ultra-connected Borg-like beings.

“Hideous!” I said.  “Treacherous dehumanization!”  Then I tried on a pair.

Wow.  Want.  Now.  This explains the title of this week’s episode: “Alan is a Glasshole.”

That’s just one of the topics Michael and I discuss on this week’s episode along with much talk about headphones.  In fact, there’s so much headphone talk that it was suggested that we entitle the episode “Nice Cans.”  Then the chance to accuse me of being a “Glasshole” somehow won out.  Finally, we settled on a Borg theme with “Resistance Is Futile.”

Speaking of Borg-ish-ness, this this week’s episode includes a conversation with a guy who has had headphone-like device implanted into his skull.  No more tangled cords for him, then.  And here’s a chance for you to win a pair of Solus ‘phones from Wicked Audio from us.

Stream the show here or get it straight from iTunes.  And about those show notes…

Why you might want to think twice about buying earbuds from a flight attendant.

Got $5,500? Buy these headphones!

Happy Days, the musical.  No, really.  (And I didn’t know that about Potsie. Fascinating.)

How much vinyl can you stuff into in iPod Classic?

Plus:  More funeral songs, Michael accidentally offends Michael Palin (yes, him), a producer puts us on a pedestal and “E=MC2,” the song.

Get a co-producer credit on next week’s show. Here’s how.

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