Jurassic Mick

I think I have alligators in my backyard.  Not only have we had a ton of rain, but I stupidly left the irrigation system on automatic.  As did all my neighbours.  Consequently, a good portion of my yard seems to be sinking. If I’m not around for next week’s podcast, it’s because (a) the alligators finally came for me; or (b) I’ve disappeared into a massive Florida-like sinkhole.

In either case, my will stipulates what should be done with all my music memorabilia–providing it can be recovered, of course.

Speaking of which, did you hear about a lock of Mick Jagger’s hair selling for $6,000?  That’s sort of weird, but not as weird as some of the other bits of rock star DNA that have been traded.

Michael and I also talk about Downloaded, the new documentary on Napster.  (Spoiler:  They get closed down.)

Then there’s Jay-Z’s big deal with Samsung and how he’s turned into a harvester of private data like the NSA.

Other topics dissected this week:


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