Good Vibrations

Boy, it’s hot.  My office windows face southwest so I get blazing sunshine from about 11am until…well, until I can’t take it anymore.  And no matter how much I water the ficus tree that I have blocking the windows, it keeps going “Are you kdding me, man?  Can’t you see my leaves are burning up?”

Meanwhile, there’s a couple of guys pushing a heavy cart around the neighbourhood offering to seal asphalt driveways with that oily guck.  If you’re feeling hot and miserable today, spare a thought for them.

I realized that after Michael and I finished this week’s podcast, neither one of us had read the standaard disclaimer.  So here it is:

The views expressed on Geeks & Beats are those of the participants alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers.

There.  Asses protected.  Here’s what we discussed:

Making in vitro fertilization go more smoothly with music.

Musicians making money playing for dictators, thugs and criminals.

Remembering Amar Bose.

Recyling vinyl records into hipster glasses.

Chipotle vs. Radiohead: guess who won?

Earbud technology that may prevent additional holes in your head.

A cool “urban jukebox.”

Win a set of new headphones in our “crappiest cans” contest.

And thanks to Darren Sanger Smith for donating some operating capital for this week’s show, thereby becoming a co-producer of Episode 18.  You can be a co-producer, too!  Go here.

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