Crappiest Cans Submissions

We’ve got three strong contenders vying for a pair of Wicked Audio Solus headphones courtesy of Max Borges Agency.


Mark Wilson's MDRsG&B Listener Mark Wilson submits these headphones for our “Crappiest Cans” contest.

“I’m using some headphones that my daughter tossed into the garbage about 7 years ago,” he writes. “They were better than Air Canada ear-buds so I rescued them. The foam ear cushions have long since disintegrated. The left ear hook has broken off. The right ear hook is partially there, held in with a glob of polyurethane glue…”


1060440_873616584392_1991191103_nG&B Facebook follower Matt McGowan writes, “behold, my current — and *only* – headphones. A pair of black plastic earbuds from Beyond the Rack so cheap that the copper wires are sliding out of the plastic coating, and a sound so hollow and tinny that they make Apple’s white earbuds that come with iPods sound downright audiophile grade.

Please, take pity on me :(”


BOXSn4gCIAIeDLK.jpg largeG&B Twitter follower Jesse G. @GrabASandwich tweets, “My Dad still has these! He sure was pissed when I split the cord all the way! Fingers crossed!!!”

[poll id=”6″] The contest is over! More on the winner here.

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