My dog is a horrible little animal during the summer solstice.  No matter how busy she is the day before or how late she says up, she’s up with the sun, demanding her morning walk.  Today that was at 5:57am. And weekends are even worse.  Last Sunday, she was prepared for her walk to Starbucks at 5:17.  A horrible, horrible little beastie.

She can also be a little rude during the recording of the Geeks and Beats podcast, but during this episode, she was quietly curled up at my feet as Michael and I prattled away on a number of topics.

Reaction to the death of James Gandolfini, including Springsteen’s special tribute.

Justin Bieber’s verification as a scumbag by the real Scumbag Steve

My most awkward interview moments

A chat with Justin Erdman, managing director of Deezer Canada on the whole business of streaming music services.

What song would you like played at your funeral?

A new era in the history of Toronto’s legendary Massey Hall.

Sadly, we don’t have a producer for this show–no one ponied up the requisite $25–so we’re very sad. But maybe we’ll do better next week.

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