Drummer Wanted: No Heartbeat Necessary

I ran into Watchmen drummer Sammy Kohn at a bar in downtown Toronto a couple of weeks ago whereupon he began to gush about how much he loved this podcast.  Naturally, flattery will get you everywhere with us so I immediately invited him to be a guest on the show with me and Michael.

Among the things we talked about were drummers as athletes (duh), the worst musical beer you can be seen drinking in public and a variety of uses for old cassette tapes.

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Here’s the rest of the show notes:

Like Mad Men? Then watch this re-imagining of Don Draper in the 80s.

A handy pie chart on how people are listening to Geeks&Beats.

The Ask Alan Anything deals with the Manic Street Preachers.

Top 10 musicians who aren’t dead but probably should be.

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