Episode IV: A New Hope

Winter is officially done, but you wouldn’t know it to look out the G&B office window.  Jeezus, can we move on, please?

As much as Alan likes his overpriced wristwatches, this new musical Ulysse Nardin is not something he (or anyone) should covet.  Also on this week’s show:  win your own radio station; why Taylor Swift is never, ever getting back to you; how to ruin a party with the right (?) playlist and the Screaming Goat Meme finds Blur.

Plus why one of the biggest bands of the 90s had to keep re-releasing one of its best tracks. We’ll tell you how you could win a Sonos Play3! And, please leave a message after the beep – but only if you’re dead. (I know that sounds obtuse, but you’ll see what we mean.)

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