Nice iPad App for Couch Potatoes

It’s called the Couch Music Player, appropriately.  It’s an easy-as-pie way to make and modify playlists from the music you have stored on your iPad.

I was goofing around with it while pretending to watch TV with my wife last night (sorry, dear, but I’m just not into The Good Wife) and after a few minutes, it became rather addictive.

Searching for songs/albums/artists is as easy as a swipe.  Playlists (as many as you want) are created by a simple drag’n’drop with a finger.  And if you miss iTunes’ cover flow, there’s a facsimile of that, too.

If you spend time listening to music through your iPad, the Couch Music Player is far superior than the native iOS app.  And for $1.99, it’s worth a try.

Couch Music Player

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