S01E00: What Does a Smiley Face Sound Like?

I’ve been threatening to start up a new podcast for a couple of years now but I just didn’t have the time or the experience to do something like that.  After all, in my previous lives, I’ve always had someone to handle the technical aspects for me.  But then I thought “Wait a minute!  I know plenty of nerds!”  Which led me to Michael.  Turns out that he was looking to start up a new podcast himself.


Over an Italian dinner with The Wives on Friday night, we hashed out what we might do and how we might do it.  This is the result.  Or at least it’s the pilot.

But you know what it’s like with pilots and first episodes, right?  I mean, that first episode of The Sopranos was good, but it was nothing like what the show would become later.  Same thing with Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Homeland, Lost and a million other shows.  There are rough edges.  The players are still building their chemistry and timing.

So trust me.  Stick with this thing.  It’ll be a good ride.

–Alan C

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