Amber Healy


Game of Thrones Season 8

Remixes happen, a lot, but not all of them are done legally. Dubset wants to help DJs get paid for their work while the original artist gets the credit (and payment) they're due.


Bohemianly Rhapsodizing

Have you ever actually listened to the song? It’s SO WEIRD. And it was even weirder when it was released on Halloween of 1975. Music producer Brent Bodrug joins us to deconstruct why almost 45...

Beats Interviews

Dishing with Spoons

Gord Deppe and Sandy Horne of Spoons join Michael Hainsworth and Alan Cross at the Music Fan Expo and discuss their nearly 40-year career, their new album and the career paths they didn't take.


Christmas Music Creep

We learn why Christmas music is arriving earlier and earlier, how it works on our brains as we shop, and what we can do about it with Dr. Brynn Winegard. Plus, the geeks reveal their favourite...