Christa Sampson


Fentanyl: Powerful, Addictive, Deadly

All you need to know about the dangers of fentanyl. In recent years, news reports on drug overdoses have centered on fentanyl. Whether it’s used alone or combined with other drugs, the results can be deadly.  We know that fentanyl is dangerous, but what is it exactly? Belgian physician Dr. Paul Janssen (founder of Janssen Pharmaceutica) led a team of doctors who developed fentanyl in 1959, along with a number of other anesthesia drugs. Throughout the 1960s, the drug was widely used as a general...

CES Geeks Tech

Sublue – The World’s Smallest Underwater Scooter

Did you get a chance to check out Sublue at this year’s CES show? If your prowess in the pool is more doggy paddle than Michael Phelps, fear not because Sublue’s Shark MIX is here. The Shark MIX’s sleek design, combined with a dual propeller system will set out to rival current market offerings like the SEADOO SEASCOOTER.  SEADOO has been around for a while, but even new models are still quite bulky; designed with the propeller at the rear of the unit and thus in front of the...